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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Oh Deer Daisy

Hi folks,

today we had a trip out to Knole Park to see the deer.

Lots of youngsters about soaking up the sun although it was a bit chilly to say the least.

This is a close as Daisy could get before they scampered off which although she had only seen wild animals behind bars she was frustrated that she could not stroke them.

This one has started to grow his horns already.

We left them in peace and went for a drink.

Back home Daisy had bought her two friends to stay, two Dwarf Hamsters, this is Sparkle

and Flower, they are nocturnal on only come out at night. The only way to get a picture is to give them food and they then get in there pots to eat.

short one tonight after a tiring day out, Mike and Sue


  1. Liked the first pictures but I don't like hamsters.

  2. I am glad she enjoyed it that is the next on my list to visit

  3. Hi Michael, I think Daisy looks scared of the deer, but lovely photos, glad you had a nice day, will be over later to say good bye to Daisy. Mrs Egg.

  4. I love deer. We saw them in our yard often when we lived in Illinois. We have only seen a few since moving here...gators have taken their place...LOL! Those little guys of Daisey's are kinda cute!
    Sending Hugs!

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments and I don't think Daisy would like gators Vickie.
    Hugs coming back..

  6. Oh my word what a sweet post this is... super pictures as normal of some stunning tiny creatures including pretty little Daisy!
    E xx