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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Short sharp day at Leeds Castle

Well as Sue was working today I was in charge of "little legs"and decided to go the famous Castle on the way to Ashford. Off we set complete with sandwiches drinks buggy and toilet seat, boy what a combination.

As we arrived the weather looked a bit grim as you can see in the first shot of the castle, but undetured we carried on up the path through all the nice Daffs by the stream.

We then stopped at a seat  by the stream to have lunch, It was all nice and peaceful until a Peacock decided to mussel in on Daisy's sandwich and instead of getting it's picture I ended up shooing it away and missed the shot.

It was nice by the stream and we continued to eat our lunch.

I have tried and tried to get good shots of  Daisy so I thought of a ploy. I changed to a long lens on the camera and left her on the seat and made out I was taking some flowers. I quickly turned around and got this shot, the only complaint is that she had a mouth full of food.

So as it got very cloudy I thought we should head back to the car before the rain came as got this rather nice white peacock. So all in all it was a good morning, well Daisy and I enjoyed it.

Back to the car Daisy wanted the toilet, so off we went, "nothing there" was the reply as we sat waiting in the loo waiting for something to happen, Back at the car she decided she wanted a wee, back to the toilet again, this tine success. Back to the car again, she then complained of a tummy ache, guess what, she wanted a Poo. I give up, back to the toilet we went, I was getting worried that someone would notice all these comings and goings to the toilet. After great jubilations she did it and we happily set off for Ashford, I thought we would have a sing song but she fell asleep. I felt a bit weary also.

All the best Mike


  1. Oh Mike.... what a lovely gentle post with great pictures too! Daisy looks a complete delight and I did laugh at the 'toilet antics' ..... kids for you, huh!!

  2. Thanks for that Eileen, I am getting to enjoy this although I wish I could get more response.
    We are off to the States soon and I though that this would be a good way of communicating rather than Facebook or Twitter.

    I thought it would be a good idea to track our trip across the States also putting up images as we go, what do you think?

  3. Oh yeah .... I will log in and follow your trip!! I am also on Twitter but I prefer facebook or my blog .... more friendly xx
    It takes time for people to find your blog .... there are more people looking than you think!

    I will look forward to seeing all your USA pictures!! We are off to 'faraway places' this year as well .... Two weeks in Norfolk !!! wiv the 'Miffys' and later in the year three weeks on Mull,Scottish Highlands...(Gotta take the doggies with us)

  4. Yep that's the way, take the woofies with you. How are the Miffy,s btw, aint seen them for years, seem to have lost contact with the lack of radio. Ok, I have Trev and you following me so I had better report each day as we go providing we can get an internet connection we will go for it.