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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Another Daisy day

Here we are, another Tuesday with our Daisy.

Had lots of fun in the park, up and down the slide all afternoon until she was worn  out..

Bit of a silly day really, went to the Savacentre in Sue's car as mine was blocked in by a gearbox on a pallet. Paid in some cheques and had lunch. Daisy loves the toy cars but she only sits it then as Dad Dad is a cheap scate and will not put a pound in for one ride.

We bought her a ball that lights up and makes a lot of noise which her Dad wont like so it will stay here.

Back home for tea and then packed her off to bed.

See you soon, Mike


  1. Have you not got rid of that box yet

  2. Tomorrow Trev, Tomorrow, so it don't look good, they are picking it up "sometime"

  3. Tomorrow Trev, Tomorrow, they are picking it up "sometime". Having a "Groundhog Day", did you see the film otherwise you won't understand!