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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Off to the Seaside we go

Well here we are, another Sunday, all started out wrong. got a phone call from my Cousin in Ramsgate to say that his wife was ill and they would not be coming so that scuppered our plans for a day out. I wanted to try my new 100-300mm lens so we were going out anyway.

I phoned Tony my mate in Gillingham who was in the Greenhouse, best place to be this weather I thought. Can you and Glo come out to play I said pleadingly. Yes they said give us 90 minutes and you can pick us up. I thought as I do about my tummy and decided that it would be nice to eat out at a really nice cafe  and have Liver and Bacon for lunch, what a good idea they all said so we ordered 4 meals the same for lunch.

After a full belly we went along the front and nearly got out heads blown off as the wind was blowing a gale and it was freezing cold. After a while we took shelted in a shelter, well that's what they are for, and up came Daisey's mate so I took a quick snap for her.

Daisy's mate

The three stooges
Well after a look around the shops we decided to make tracks for home as the wind was very cold and we were getting tired. I was very pleased with the lens as I will post a couple on my photo site.

Photo link

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