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Monday, 22 September 2014

Bewl Reservoir. Kent

Hi folks,
just a few from our weekend away, weather was changeable but at least it was dry This was our first trip out with the Kent section of the Motorcaravanners club which we enjoyed.

The next morning we hoped for a sunrise over the lake but ...... 
Closeup of the water and drain towers, yuck.

I then spotted the bird in the bottom right hand of the picture and yes to my amazement it was a Grebe. I was amazed that it looked so vibrant in the morning mist.

In came the boat for the morning cruise we didn't go in the end as the crew could not make up there minds on the departure time due to the lack of people.


 We did get some sunshine after all.

Finally on the Sunday we treated ourselves to a cooked breakfast in the restaurant. This shot was out of the window as we enjoyed our meal.

Thanks for looking, regards, Mike.


  1. Lovely photos Mike great shot of the Great Crested Grebe amazed you got it so clearly in the mist

  2. Well done Mike, it looks almost the same as when I was there way back in the 80's