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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Almshouses of Cobham

Hi folks,
at the side of the church is a bricked up doorway which originally led from the church to Cobham College beside of it.The building was started in 1362 as a college for five priests. After the College was dissolved the buildings remained empty until the 10th Lord Cobham willed it to be converted into Almshouses and called the New College.

Through the door we entered the Quadrangle just seen on the right.

Opening out into the Quadrangle showing the converted individual "houses" being 21 in all. Originally it was a college with five priests.

Doors into the original little houses intended for pensioners of the surrounding Parishes as you can see by the names on the door. 

Diagonal path leading to the Refectory which was a big hall and meeting place. The hand pump in the centre installed by Elizabeth, Countess of Darnley in 1824 to supply water.

At the rear of the Quadrangle note the pouch that gives the impression it is falling down but it was secure.

As a rider to this in 1956 the houses were given individual cold water supplies, sink, electric light and cooking stoves. To the east the complex was extended with a new building of 16 flats in 1994 and 6 more in 2012 in keeping with the surroundings. All this is hidden away behind the church.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Hi Micheal, Glad I went to visit the church, I wonder if the almshouses have to house poor people from the parish on the door. and I lovely the uneven roof. Thanks for reminding me how lovely the visit was. Mrs Egg.

  2. How do you find such fascinating places Mike ? Wonder what happened to the five priests ??
    Glad that roof was secure......
    Chris and Dave R