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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

St Mary Magdalene,Cobham, Kent

Hi folks,
Sunday we went to Cobham and visited this 13th century church situated in The Street, Cobham.

There is plenty to see in the Chancel, we managed some sunshine whilst inside which shown up the windows well but by far the biggest item is the Brooke Tomb with effigies of George Brooke, Lord Cobham and his wife Anne Bray.

Closer look at the table-tomb dated 1561 with 14 mourning figures kneeling around the sides representing their 10 sons and 4 daughters. 

The guide tells me that all the stained glass windows were renovated in 2007 and this is I thought a particularly detailed window.

View of the High Altar, the ropes were cleverly arranged so that you didn't walk on the Brasses or touch the table-tomb but at the same time you could get close to them all.

Below are a number of brasses set out as a  "pavement", they were laid down in the early to mid 1800's, some are over 600 years old and for a small fee you can arrange to do brass rubbings.  You can buy a booklet which explains each brass in detail.

This window is in memory of Ivo, 8th Earl of Darnley and his Australian wife Florence, Ivo is the England Cricket Captain who was involved in "The Ashes" cricket tournament between England and Australia.  Those readers who followed by blog of Cobham Hall, the former home of the Earls of Darnley may remember Ivo and the Ashes Urn.  Cobham Hall is on the outskirts of the village of Cobham.

The candle stand is set to the side with a small seating area. 

The roof through the Chancel Arch showing just how big that table-tomb is.

There are four replicas of helmets which were hung in the church after being carried at funerals of their owners.  They are to be seen two each side on the walls either side of the High Altar.  The originals are housed in  the Royal Armouries in Leeds, far too rare and valuable to be left here but good to see the copies.

The organ was built by Richardson, organ builder to Queen Victoria in 1858, the blue curtain conceals the organist.

Thanks for looking, I do hope you enjoy your visits to my blog and next time I will show a rather hidden feature of the village of Cobham.

Regards, Mike


  1. Ooo fantastic, fabulous Church and posting Mike.. Cor blimey, LOADS of kids!
    Love the stain glass window picture. you have done a lovely job there.
    Cheers Mike . Enjoyed this posting very much.
    Eileen xx

  2. Thanks Eileen, I also get loads of help from Sue who reads up and helps with the history. X

  3. Great to see stain glass again Mike I must try and find some more open churches!

  4. Hi Mike, I'm so behind this week, I think I'll meet myself coming back.........Great post ! Love the stained glass and the roof and the altar........I love all the fcts that you give in each post.....Thank you Mike !
    Chris and Dave R