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Saturday, 22 November 2014

World War One Presentation

Hi folks,
today we visited the Old Forge in Sittingbourne to get a last glimpse of the trenches built to commemorate the start of WW1. Below are some of the images I took which I have split into two parts. The helmet was actually introduced into the war in 1915.

As you enter the area you are recruited and signed up.
 My date of birth was 22nd February 1887,  previous military service was given as scouts.

In the rear of the property soldiers paraded in their uniforms. Although they were re-enactors it brought home the back fact that many were very young.

The barbed wire looked authentic but it was actually made from grey thin electrical flex. In the first war the barbs were two fingers apart whilst in the second they were four fingers apart using less wire.

Part of the trench layout adorned with poppies. 

Last image although it was staged shows the conditions.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Hi Michael, You have captured how young these soldiers were, and thanks for informing us that the barb wire wasn't real. and how awful it must have been in the trenches. Thought it was a great blog.
    Mrs Egg.

  2. You continue to enthrall me with your blog. Thanks again Michael! xxx

  3. Mike.. just doing catch up ... how fascinating ... brilliant pictures and interesting facts .. great post .
    Ta muchly xxx