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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Walmer and Children in Need

Hi folks,

Yesterday, Sue and I went to the "Light up the Sky" event with the Kent Kite Flyers to put on a display and raise a few bob to "Children in Need".  The event was nearly called off due to the inclement weather but after a day of rain the clouds parted and the wind got up.

The first two shots were taken as the sun set over Walmer.

The event consisted of kites adorned with lights which rotated and flashed in the evening light, the first one is Kevin's.

Gareth's Delta, although it was taken using a tripod the kite moving in the air giving, I think, a pleasing effect.

Heather's Delta with a very unusual array of lights forming a rider on a bike.

View of the bandstand with various displays built by club members.

Finally just before the rain started another view across towards the road. 

Several people, many with children came up and admired the scene and asked questions about the kites.  Len had a bucket for donations to "Children in Need" and hopefully we were able to do a little something to add to what has already been collected.  As it was dark, cold and rather damp I have yet to find out our total.

Thanks for looking and I hope you have enjoyed our contribution to the Event.

Regards, Mike


  1. Hi Michael, Glad the weather improved, wonderful kites so bright in the sky. Hope you all raised a lot of money for Children in Need. Mrs Egg.

  2. Sadly I didn't hear that the cancellation had been cancelled until I had arranged to do something else

  3. Thanks so much, Michael! Breathtaking!

  4. Total raise was £129-55 including £41 08 from Gerty's work collection so we did ok.

  5. Michael,
    There really is no just did "OK" when you support a cause such as this! ANY monies raised helped in a big way. Just think, if EVERYONE would do an "OK" like you did, how much money would be pouring in to care for these kids. Before you knew it, they could be passing it forward to help others in need. I say let's put a challenge out for everyone on Face Book to choose a charity of their choice to support next year. Their time, skills, or money would qualify as support. At the end of the year if the chosen charitys could give us a breakdown of what was received through this it would be awesome! I'd rather hear the pass it forwards on this than see people getting drenched by a bucket of water. Too bad I have no organizational skills! XXX

    1. Sorry Vickie, we did very well considering it rained in the middle of it. We are saving like mad to come over next year so you may see us on the spring. Thanks for your commitment to the blog. XX

  6. Fantastic shots of the kites Mike... I'm so pleased the weather was kind in the end...
    Such wonderful colours.. going back for another look ..
    Thanks Mike
    E xx

  7. Nice pictures of the kites lit up, every little helps... thank you