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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Fascinating History of Reculver

Hi folks,
just visited this historic landmark with its unique history through the ages.

The original area was a Roman fort, REGULBIUM which protected the coastline and built in the third century which was a lot different in those days, below are the remains of the original fort wall.

It then became a church as it shows today with the original walls of the fort which protected the Wassum Channel which at that time divided the Isles of Thanet from the mainland.

View from the sea defenses showing the top of towers, in a storm in 1810  they were blown down and  rebuilt to aid navigation by Trinity House.

The area is now kept by English Heritage.

This drawing below shows what it was like as a church with its original spires. The lead from the roof and spires also three of the bells and masonary were sold, they kept the forth for the new church. 

Looking at it from a safe distance inland, parts of the church were dismantled and moved inland as originally it was thought to fall into the sea.

From the churches new location safe from the sea.

In the next part will show the church built with its reclaimed stone and bell in 1878 by Edward Parry, Bishop of Dover.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Interesting history lesson. I didn't know that the tops of the towers had been rebuilt. but you can see from the photos that they are thinner . Mrs Egg.

  2. That was very interesting Mike... great pictures too. Like Margaret, I didn't know the towers had been rebuilt.. good to read your posts. I enjoy them all and learn a lot! E xx

  3. Mike The twin towers of Reculver Church,, are based on Davington Priory Faversham. The story is that in the 13th century a prioress of Davington was shipwrecked off Reculver. She prayed to the Lord she might not drown and vowed that if she survived she would build twin towers at Reculver, like those at her own church, to serve not only as belfries, but as beacons for seamen. Her prayer was answered and she kept her promise.

  4. Forgot to say only one of the two towers now remains at Davington

    1. Thanks Steven, looks like a trip to the Priory is called for. I hope you enjoyed part two.