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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Surprise Visitor to Canterbury Cathedral

Hi folks,
a few more of the inside before the arrival of the "special guest", I wonder if you all got who it was? The second image of the last blog gave it away.

Another shot of the ceiling with the supporting pillar to one side to give a bit more height.

Note the candle.

Lastly the West Door with a statue/s to be unveiled today by GUESS WHO? on the left is Albert and Victoria just to give you a clue.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Hi Michael, You have got the photos of the ceiling of the Cathedral really well able to see lots of construction details, and the candle is lovely. Mrs Egg.

  2. Last picture, Queen on the left and Phillip on the right.

  3. Fantastic shots.. love them all ... I think I got your 'special shot' picture from the last post wrong! ..
    hey ho ... who cares! I just enjoy looking at your pictures .
    Eileen xx