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Friday, 27 March 2015

The Queen at Canterbury

Hi folks,
well after the unveiling on Thursday and Sue working in Canterbury on Friday I had to go and look at the statues. You can see that they are new with them both gleaming in the sunlight

Lets have a closer look.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip together.

To make up a trio, Elizabeth I a bit darker due to the age of the statue.

On the left hand side of the West Door we have Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.

Looking skywards and thinking of Vickie, Pat and James across the pond.

More statues to the left of the door, you can just see restoration work going on at the side.

Last look at the outside with the restoration of the South window.

Last look inside as we say goodbye to Canterbury Cathedral.

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Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Very nice Mike. We tried to get into Canterbury Cathedral last time we were down, but guess what a funeral had started so it was out of bounds for a few hours. So that was that after our 240 mile trip to get there. Always another day. But your pictures look good.

  2. Hi Ken, thanks for that. If it hadn't been for Sue working there we would have missed it all.

  3. Hi Michael, glad to see you were able to have the before and after photos, the sculptor should feel very proud, she has done a great job. nice to see you put the two Elizabeths in the same photo.a lovely blog. Mrs Egg.

  4. Thanks Mrs Egg, lots of people asked what was on the plinths before so I had to ask inside. Apparently nothing was the reply, perhaps they were originally meant for the next Queen.
    Thanks for the comments you are a STAR.

  5. thanks for this post Mike .. all interesting and good to see what is going on.... I wonder if the Queen feels any 'connection' to Elizabeth l .... must be weird to share that sort of history in your family ...
    Eileen xx