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Monday, 23 March 2015

Back again with Dave and Frank

Hi folks,

somebody (not to mention her name) has nagged me about not doing blogs so rather than getting told off again I thought I had better do one. This blog does not have a chimney in sight! lol.

I have got to play catch up now so back in February we, that is Sue and I went to a club meet in Appledore, Kent with our good friends Winnie and Dave.

As the field was a bit waterlogged we had to park in a line on the road which was a bit different.

Dave our Minion did the driving.

Dave was a one off from the Dockside Outlet in Chatham and was standing all alone on the shelf so I took pity on him

On the Sunday morning it was St Davids Day so Frank a club member got out his Welsh Flag. We are not going to mention Saturday as it chucked it down with rain all day.

Lastly outside on the road is a bridge going into Appledore with the Royal Military Canal running under it. The campsite is on the left.

Short and sweet bit at least I have started again, so I need inspiration and a lot of comments to keep me going.


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  1. I know, I'm late on parade!!! after nagging you, I don't comment!! .. So I'm here now and its good to see Appledore.. we know it well and it looks lovely in your super pictures ... Great to see the blog again.
    Eileen xx