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Monday, 5 September 2016

Party Time Bexhill

Hi again folks,

As nigh time falls its time to go to the hall to be entertained, we had three groups at this event so lots of time to dance and have fun. 

As a thank you to the committee a collection was organised by the campers and a thank you card from all off us for there fantastic pull out all the stops effort after the fire at Selsey.

One of our star Carole who missed the proceedings as she was walking her dog Reggie.

The Headliners entertained us.

Saturday the family arrived to take us out for lunch and join us in the evening.

As a surprise to us we were presented with a card signed by the campers at the rally and a bottle which went down wonderfully.

 Third evening was the fantastic Dad Pack the highlight of the weekend.

Great entertainment and thanks to the committee for putting on a fantastic event after the fire at Selsey. Mike


  1. Lovely post Mike... what a wonderful evening it looks too ... Fab picture of all the Family together... happy days
    Eileen xx