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Monday, 5 September 2016

Bexhill with the Sussex MCC

Hi folks,
last weekend we should have been going to Selsey Academy for the bank holiday weekend but as most of you know it suffered a fire and burnt down and we relocated to St Richards, Bexhill. The Sussex club did a fantastic job of rearranging the rally to Bexhill to which we the members are very grateful. The next few blogs are a snapshot of what went on including our 50th wedding anniversary.

The Trattoria Italiana for our anniversary lunch venue with our son Ian, his wife Claire and our granddaughter Daisy.  A very enjoyable meal it was too, finished off with Champagne.

Ready for the car show featured later.

The surprise was these two Iguanas sunbathing on the grass on the promenade note the owner, or his knees were close by. 
Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. That look a nice place have not been there in years

  2. Cheers Robert, we had lovely weather and that helps.

  3. Shame about the move cos of the fire .. but looks as if it was a good move in the end... enjoyed this posting as I know Bexhill well including the ''lizards'' lol and Congrats to you and Sue xxxx

    1. Thanks for "catching up" you are a star with all your crafty work.
      Thanks for the congrats, hears to the next 50. xxx