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Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Jam Factory

Hi folks,
continuing on from the air display we arrived at Tiptree to finish our day with a look around the museum and a cream tea.

This jar made me chuckle which was in a cabinet in the museum, it was filled with chocolate cars.

A 1947 cherry stone removing machine, quite an elaborate piece of machinery for its day.

Well this picture speaks for itself.

Lastly Sue, Margaret and Roger waiting in anticipation for there cream teas which I must add were delicious.

A very enjoyable day all in all, Mike


  1. Hi Micheal, Best cream tea I've had in a long time.Could I have the last photo you have made me look slim. Thanks Mrs Egg.

  2. Hi Mike, Love the 'Traffic Jam ' Ha Ha ! Didn't get into any 'sticky' situations then !
    Glad you had a really 'sweet' day !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Tasty blog post Mike! ... love the 'traffic jam' too! super duper pictures and always interesting to wander around with you!
    Eileen xx