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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Back to the Past 2

Hi again folks,
just to complete our tour around the Old Forge War Time House.
Spot the modern unit in the kitchen.

Larder or safe used to keep food fresh, well sort of.

Back in the sitting room, Ducks must be getting tired now.

Something we don't have now as we rely on electricity for our entertainment.

Hands on, Margaret and Sue making a rag rug from sacking.

Bathroom not sure about the toilet, think its a bit later as is the radiator.

Anderson shelter in the garden.

Quick look inside, a bit basic don't you think.

Back upstairs in the bedroom this sewing machine was operated by foot power.

Typical bedroom furniture.

Lastly this lady was parading up and down the High Street to advertise the two day event at the house. This is to commemorate the start of World War One and is on Saturday 15th and Saturday 22nd of November from 10 am till 4 pm. British Legion Poppy Appeal on those days. Free entry.

Thanks for dropping by.

Regards, Mike

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  1. Thanks for bring back memories, Those women have worked really hard to keep the place authentic, loved the kitchen, and those two bibby sitting doing thier rug making. Mrs Egg.