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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Dickens Last Home

Hi folks,
on Sunday we had a trip to Gads Hill Place in Rochester to take a look around Charles Dickens last house he lived in before he died.

Plaque on the front of the building.

Interesting talk given before tour of the house and gardens.

In the front garden is a gate leading  down some steps and under the road to the "Wilderness" a piece of land that on which once stood the chalet were he did a lot of this work. The Chalet is now in Rochester High Street.

The garden was a bit sparse at this time of the year but I took this on the side of the building in the sunlight.

And a single rose hanging on before the winter loomed.

The conservatory on the side of the property was commissioned by Dickens and was just completed before he died.

Finally a hand pump in the garden, I wondered if it was ever used by him in his time at Gads Hill Place.

Unfortunately I was unable to take any pictures inside the building as it is at present still being used as a school.  Soon in the future the building will be vacated and will be kept as museum opened up to the public.

Thanks for looking,
Regards, Mike


  1. Thank you Michael, for showing the nicer side of Gadshill. I wonder if they will eventually get a lottery grant to turn the house back to how it was when Dicken's lived there.
    Mrs Egg.

  2. Very nice too, a trip into history

  3. Thanks both and thanks to Ken for trying, I always copy the reply, control C and paste control V if if the blog rejects the comment and try again. I don't know what to do re the comments as some people have no trouble and others don't, its a shame really. Will try to talk to blogger and get it sorted out. meanwhile leaving a few words of face book is also appreciated.

    1. Ken, I have altered the comment section, could you try again sometime.