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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

We Will Remember Them 1914-18 London Poppies.

Hi folks,

Well I had to do it, go to London that is and photograph the poppies in the Tower of London moat. Not sure whether I picked the right day as it was half term and the children were on holiday from school. As it was I think I did ok, it was nice to see parents and children together at this most important time in our history.
The sad thing was that each poppy represents a lost life in the first world war and I was shocked at the amount of life lost and the poppies brought this massive loss home to me.
Four of us went up there in two waves and I was lucky to go early and catch the light even though the train was full to bursting. We stayed well into the evening to try and get images and although the poppies were not illuminated directly it worked out ok.
Below are a few of the day.

As dusk fell.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. STUNNING PICTURES Mike.... A terrible time and still we ( mankind) never learn,... I understand the poppies represent just the military deaths for the UK ... how many poor folks died in total worldwide ... heart breaking.

  2. Great photos Mike very moving when you realise just how many lives they represent.
    One of those poppies is mine, purchased in memory of Barbara's Grandfather, Private William Harry Theoff who served with the Royal Sussex Regiment and died in action on 16th July 1917. He is commemorated on panel 20 on the Menin Gate.

  3. Even though I was there I'm speechless,and angry, will these politician's never learn all those young lives lost. 20years later we were at war again. Stunning photos. loved the cascading ones in the twilight. Just showed Maddie. Mrs Egg.

  4. Brilliant photos and very interesting blog. How sad to think that each poppy represents a life lost by a brave soul fighting for our freedom and yet as someone has already said, still the forces fight to clean up the mess made by politicians. May the brave souls of all the wars rest in peace.