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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Orangery, Knole Park

Hi folks,
Tuesday we visited Knole Park and due to extensive building works concentrated on the newly restored building in the Orangery. In January 2010 the Orangery and adjoining rooms came under National Trust control, the project was to create a new visitors centre and open up the area.

A copy of the statue Pereus slaying Medusa which was originally in the Great Hall in Knole and was moved in about 1911 to the Orangery for storage where it is today.

Close op of Medusa's head

Window detail in this originally double story building.

More images of the restored Orangery.

Looking out onto the courtyard.

Courtyard seating looking towards the house still occupied by the Sackville family.

Finally outside in the magnificent grounds and trees which adorn the estate.

A few more to follow on the next blog.

Regards, Mike


  1. The National Trust decided to leave the walls of the Orangery as they were with all the different years of paint rather than white wash it over, it looked rather interesting and less false.

  2. That Medusa looks a bit dischuffed at having her head lopped off.

  3. Great post with super pictures Mike.. I think the National trust have the right idea! xxx