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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Broadstairs in the Sun and Sue

Hi folks,

just a few more of last weeks trip.

Lunch in the Royal Albion Hotel, not really swish just fish and chips.

Magnificent Victorian clock above the shelter.

In the town I spied these from Star Wars, trapped behind a first floor window.

and the Pub facard looked in keeping.

Just had to put this one in with it's double meaning.

Lastly from me an Apex above a pub in the high street.

Then Sue's, she is learning fast and is very good at pointing out various scenes and angles for me and has the eye for it so i thought that as I bought her a camera for Christmas she should use it. The Camera is a Panasonic Lumix GM5, very small and is mirrorless just like my GH4. The idea is that I can nick it on my walks and also fit my lenses on it, I ain't stupid. It has a viewfinder as well so can be used in bright light.

Here she is with it in action.

Below are her shots with the camera and I think you will agree she has done really well.

Her theme was " Waiting for Summer".

Last one, I love this shot and I am proud she is my wife, well done.

Thanks and that's it from our joint trip to Broadstairs, I hope you enjoyed it.

Mike and Sue


  1. Fantastic photos both of you. Liked the beach hut. Adie xx

  2. Hi Michael and Sue, lovely photos of Broadstairs, Like the shop name, and love Sue's clever use of billboard and the photo of footprints. watch out Michael the pupil will soon be the master. Mrs Egg.

  3. Did you ever get some info on video editing software?

  4. Yes I have but things keep getting in the way. Will talk on the telling bone.

  5. Love this day out... interesting, and informative and great pictures... Sue your pictures are brilliant ... you have a fab eye for composition and in some cases your shots are better that your hubby's lol