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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Riverside with Sue and Margaret

Hi folks,

yesterday was a trip to Hempstead to buy some shoes for Sue, luckily I took her little gem of a camera as we ended up at Gillingham Riverside. It was a fantastic afternoon and with the help of her little camera I got these.

This is the Waterloo, a boat wreck which at every tide fills up with water and it trickles out of this hole leaving a nice set of colours

 You can just see the hole by the propeller shaft.

A bit of rust on the boat.

We walked on to Horrid Hill and the cloud formations said it all.

Walking back to the car park.

Last one before we left.

Just goes to show, never leave the camera at home.

All the best, Mike


  1. Lovely set of pictures. Loved the old boat with the hole. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Michael.Thanks for a lovely day. The cloud formation and light reflections made great photo shots.Mrs Egg.

    1. We really enjoyed it, thanks for coming along. XXX

  3. Fantastic shots Mike ..... Love the Power Station!!!
    E xxx

    1. That's just a penance for saying Sue's pictures are better that mine, LOL xxx

  4. Huh!!! .. I'll get ya back ! lol xxxxxx