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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sunny Valentine Saturday

Hi folks
continuing on with our weekend trip to Broadstairs and after a rotten Friday night the sun appeared on Saturday to greet us. After breakfast we set off down to the sea again for a better look now the weather had improved.
Passing a shop window we noticed this.

On the top of the cliffs as if by magic this shop opened up with all the beach trimmings.

So colourful it felt like spring in the sunshine.

As some of you may know I brought Sue a camera for Christmas with the same format as my large camera but with a smaller body. Sue is still getting used to it but is doing very well, the shot below is one of Sues and she has a great eye.

Looking across the bay from the cliff with Bleak House in the distance.

Close up of Bleak House with my 300mm lens.

This one is in the oppostite direction showing the cliffs and the footpath below.

More to follow as we walked around the town.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. So good to see such colour, and sunshine in February ... our climate has changes a lot, as I cannot remember seaside places opening shops full of buckets and spades in Feb when I was a kid! .. fabulous pictures and yes, Sue has a real talent for composition... Ken really struggles with that but is learning ... E xx

  2. HI Michael, Enjoyable blog, makes Broadstairs look good, you where lucky with the sunshine. Mrs Egg.

  3. Of cause you know that that isn't the house that inspired Dickens! Someone at some point decided that it would be a good marketing ploy to rename their hotel Bleak House!!

  4. Lovely beach type shop. Great photo Sue. Learning from the master. Luv Adie. Xx