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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Trip to Greenwich.

Hi folks,

Just back from a freezing cold day at Greenwich with a few from the local Facebook Camera club.

Couple of the group.

Greenwich Mean Time.

Nelson looking towards the Thames with pigeon.

Canary Wharf.

Couple of shots from the covered market.


Inside an local art shop, manikin covered with oil paints squeezed from tubes and allowed to dry.

"Jesus Resting", cast iron statue under a sideboard in the shop 

Lastly the ornate gates at the entrance to the park.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Glad you are back! .. I've been over here to play catch up and nuffin to see! .
    Enjoyed this blog post Mike... super pictures, all up to your usual standard again and I LOVE the manikin !. Good shot of Canary Wharf .. Martin used to work there .. high pressure and long, long hours! He has a life now, sees his lovely wife and kids...... but still has to return there regularly for 'meeting's !
    More days out please Mike ... roll on the Spring!
    E xx

  2. Hi Eileen, thanks for that. Not bothering so much now as people don't bother to comment anyway. Even people of Faceache just like and do not do more, it's a shame really.
    Been spending a lot of time on a photo forum of late. I still have some more of Prague but the interest is very little. Chris has left as well, Trevor seems to do always doing his health thing. Perhaps I am asking to much. Anyway glad your cards are doing well.

  3. Morning Mike please don't stop your blog. Your photos are brilliant as you notice so many unusual things that most wouldn't even see. I like the ship in the bottle. Keep up the good work. Adie xx

  4. Thanks for the comment Adie, I took your advice and carried on.