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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Berck Kite Festival 2015

Hi folks,
Sue and I have just been across the water to France to attend the annual kite festival with members of the Kent Kite Flyers and had a fantastic time with good weather and good company.

Here is just a snapshot of our first day, Thursday and after a quick fly on the beach it was time to take some photos.

A lovely sandy beach with nice colours where all around us.

On  the promenade was this fantastic merry go round and the crowds were starting to gather.

Next stop was the wind garden with a wonderful array of different objects, a lot made from scrap and recycled material if you look closely.

The wind was blowing and these were taken at a high shutter speed to stop the action.
  CD discs painted.

Back on to the main beach, I had to show this and inflatable Elvis, you can see the size of him by the height of the man in the foreground. He is only an inflatable and is held up by a lifter kite high above him, you have see the line above his head holding him up. Hes is specially made by hand from a kite material called rip stop and really well made.

Loads more to show but must finish unpacking.
See you all soon, Mike


  1. Glad you had a good time hope to see you on a flying field soon

  2. Good company, food, wine and weather. What more could a kite flyer ask for?

  3. Hi Michael, wonderful blog, the array of windchimes is lovely. Elvis looked a wee bit poorly.
    Mrs Egg.

    1. Slightly deflated I think, he was full of air.

  4. Oh my word .. I love your Kite posts, Mike and these pictures do not disappoint! .. Fantastic beach ! .. love the colour and sharpness of your shots and the CD disks are fun! . E xxx