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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Bexhill Classic Car Easter Parade

Hi folks,

Last weekend being Easter Sue an I went to the Motor Caravanner Club in Bexhill and had a fantastic time. On Easter Sunday there was a show of cars at Britain's first racetrack which in 1902 raced along the seafront. The first picture is a modern sculpture to commemorate the event.

Some of the classic cars on display.

This one has an extra Bonnet or Hood to our American friends.

Stuck on a Morris Van for the occasion.

Three Bonnets for the price of one.

Now for a British Classic, the Austin Seven.

Note the badge on the grill ......

and the basket on the roof to boot.

Lastly one for our friends Tony and Gloria.

Thanks for looking, I have a few more. Mike


  1. Hi Michael, It's lovely to see those old cars being maintained, and such great Easter bonnets. I had a boyfriend who drove an Austin seven, not much room in the back. Mrs Egg.

  2. Thanks Margaret, " not much room in the back" conjures up funny thoughts!!

  3. Only the British would stick Easter bonnets and plastic ducks on their cars ... and WHY not!!
    Love the happy day shown here
    Eileen xxxxx