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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Trip to Queenborough and Sheerness

Hi folks,

Just a few from our trip the other day to the Isle of Sheppey, with glorious weather we took the opportunity to explore the island.

First Queenborough and the seafront with its murals painted on the sea wall.

Painted in both directions.

and the other way.

Moored alongside was a replica of the Bounty which the owner said took him fifteen years to build.

Further along was a plague with a bit of history about the Hulks on the Medway and there prisoners.

Set behind an anchor.

Looking across the water towards Grain Power Station.

Then on to Sheerness and a quick look around the town.

Holly Trinity Church.

The Conservative Club.

                                                          and a cup of tea in the Beano

Thanks fpr looking, Mike


  1. Did you visit The Heritage? Its Sheppey's first Micro pub!

  2. I love this posting.. Super paintings... I love the heron and the bright colours ... interesting about the prison ships and THANKS for the power station SHOT .. lol
    Eileen xxx