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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Berck Kite Festival 2015 # 3

Hi folks,
Well Friday was a bit wet, we had rain in the night but it had stopped by the time we ventured out.
As it at was grey and the kites would not look their best I ventured back to the Wind Gallery to get some closeups.
As you can see it was a bit misty so I got this fantastic wind mobile with a chap flying his kite, the whole contraption rotated by the wind and his Yellow Cody Kite went around and around.

This is the wonderful Wendy an English lady who was asked to display her creations made solely from recycled bottle, boxes and the like. She is holding Prince George.

Next was a pram for the new Prince or Princess not born yes hence the pink and blue material in the recycled pram, she had a baby already to go into the pram once she knew.

Other people where in the display including Her Majesty.

William, George and a soldier keeping guard with dog Lupo.

As the day progressed and after a bit of light refreshment the sun reappeared again.

Along the Promenade I caught up with the China man in the last blog making a Dragons Head out of Bamboo, it had a lot of detail.

Back outside the kites started to take to the air again

Including our old favorite the Minion, Stuart.

Not sure about this one, it was big and looked like a girl until...

I noticed the beard.

Last one for today.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Oh Mike.. what a super post.. and now she can put the pink baby in the pram!!!.. such a burst of colour to cheer up a grey afternoon here !
    Eileen xx

  2. Lovely pictures and lovely subjects