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Friday, 19 August 2016

Bristol Balloon Fiesta #1

Hi folks,
a few more from the launch site.


Tibetan Balloon with its sibling. (close up below)

Model of the main balloon to the left, it was tethered and the burner was operated by remote control.

All shapes were aloft the centre one had a motor and rudder and was quite maneuverable.

Through Ashton Court Park main gate note the car park, this was 7,30 am Sunday morning.

Loved this shaped one, drink anyone?

As whey rose above the trees from the park it was a magical sight.

Final one from the launch field, would you believe it the smoke was from barbecues around the field as people cooked there breakfast. Thanks for looking Mike


  1. BBQ'ed breakfast after a mass lift sounds very civilised!

  2. Exciting stuff .....I can smell the BBQs ! What a sigh to behold! Lovely pictures. E xxx

  3. Cheers, shame the weather wasn't better. xxx