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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Royal Military Canal, Hythe

Hi folks,
today we went to this part of Kent to look at the sea and the canal which runs along the edges of the town, a total of 28 miles.

The canal was built to defend England from Napoleon and it ran from Folkestone to Rye to protect the Marches from invasion from the French.

There were at one time 1,500 men working on the canal, dug entirely by hand by navvies or navigators using picks and shovels with the soil being carried away using wheelbarrows.  


Statues of two navvies with pick and shovel stand close to the canal at Hythe.

Very quiet and peaceful with a few people, passing ducks and a couple of hired small boats.

Soldiers of the Royal Staff Corp supervised the work and this Memorial is dedicated to them although no particular uniform is depicted.

Last picture for today is Granddaughter Daisy playing aeroplanes on the rocky sea defenses by the beach at Hythe before ice cream time.  Mike


  1. Really interesting blog, loved the pictures, best one is Daisy on the sea defences playing aeroplanes.

    1. Thanks Lazy Sunday, I hope you mum is looking after you?

  2. Hi Michael, appears you all had a great day, where was Daisy take off to ,flying to buy an ice cream for everyone. Mrs Egg.

    1. Being a cheapskate we went into Waitrose and bought a pack of four for £2. "every little elps"

  3. WELL, Mike ... am I missing out or wot! I cannot believe, as I came to enjoy your adventures that I have not seen your blog since AUGUST!!!! I must do better.. I will have a read every morning whilst I have my coffee.
    Lovely calm, relaxing start with this post... Super pictures of a beautiful place. been here many times ... happy memories. xxx

    1. Thanks Eileen, trying to make a concerted effort in my busy retired life to do a regular blog.
      thanks for the comments, your a star xxx