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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Up and Away at Bristol

Hi folks

 Sad story now,

This 7 meter balloon which was designed with NASA imagery and was due to be part of the main display unfortunately lost its helium in a puncture caused by the wind on the Thursday morning. I managed to see it and get a shot before it deflated. The exhibit was to be used in the night glow display and the chairs were set out so that you could look at it whilst listening to music.

Before close up of the now deflated moon, I was lucky to get it. Would have looked lovely lit up in the night sky

On a brighter note lots of balloons took to the air after the wind abated Saturday.

Early morning lift from the camp site.

Sundays lift and lots more in the air.

Last lift on Sunday night as they flew towards Bristol airport, our van even got in the picture.
Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. These are great Mike. The first on is awesome

  2. Awwww.. that was a shame, but at least you got a picture .... How many Balloons took part in the event Mike... do you know ?
    Enjoyed my coffee ... thank you... back tomorrow for more E xx