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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2016

Hi folks,

Just a few of the setting up in the field prior to launch, this was 7am in the morning with cloud in the sky.

The green smoke in the bottom right of the picture shows all go for launch.

As you can see lots of activity to get \ready for the mass launch.

Very busy time with lots of coordination on the field.

First one up the  Tribute which is used to gauge the conditions and direction before the mass release.

Off they go, lots more to show and thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Great shots Mike it looks total chaos on the ground as they prepare

    1. Hi Stephen, it was although they all seemed to know what to do. As one lot took off the area was clear for the next batch. It was an amazing site to watch. Coordination was the key.

  2. Super shots Mike ... I bet this was just amazing to watch!
    E xx

  3. Great event, would love to go up in one. xxx