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Sunday, 6 November 2016

UP NORTH on Tour with Sue and Winnie #11. On to Carlisle

Hi folks,
no time for Durham it's straight across country to meet up with our friends in Carlisle which we arranged and we bought the sun with us.

We parked up Winnie and set up and then went off to explore the site.

Really nice site with electric, wow after three days we needed to charge up the batteries although the 80 mile trip across country from east to west had sorted that out anyway.

The site had as its motif a Cockerel and sure enough we soon found one on site as the sun started to fall and Graham our friend was coming to take us back to their house for dinner.

The camp site was situated within the grounds of Dalston Hall and Golf Club to the rear.

Drive way to the hall in magnificent grounds.

Walking to the bus stop under the trees.

Spectacular view from the bus stop which was just a bit of trodden down grass by the side of the road with no bus stop sign, only found it by asking a passing cyclist.

Town centre in the sunshine, nice place for shopping.

Guild hall in the sunshine.

Last for today the Cathedral, stand by for the next blog and a treat inside. Cheers. Mike


  1. I liked Carlisle when we were there, found it to be a very friendly place. May get back there one day. Scotland again is on our list. Lovely photos again.

    1. Just seen a programme on four re the east coast of Scotland,looks like a place to go next year. Thanks for taking the time to look Ken.