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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

UP NORTH with Sue and Winnie #16, Glorious Sandyhill

Hi folks,
you are in for a real treat after the last blog, remember we said when the tide is right we would go along the beach. Well in the morning we did that and what was around that corner you remember was a different world. I cant say any more but after this we fell in love with Scotland even though we had not been for a while...................................enjoy.

Well, there you are, just a note, the only place I could get a mobile signal was on that white piece of cement in the middle foreground  of the last picture.
The beach was so quite all you could here was the occasional seagull.
Needless to say, we had a fantastic day on the beach and the weather was fantastic. Don't know how to follow this but we shall see. Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. That's real photography. Very good pictures Mike. The sort I love instead of smile please hi.

  2. Thanks for your support, I am giving up in the blog now it's very little reward for a lot of work. Going to post more on Google plus and get involved in processing them and keeping them safe.
    So easy now just to put a like on faceache. Lots of so called friends can't even be bothered to do even that. Thinking of joining the local camera club and do that in the evenings as well as the general choires around the house.
    Lots going on here anyway so again Ken, thanks for your support. Started a picture a day from last years trip to the states and that will be it.