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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cranbrook, Kent

Hi folks,

thought we would have a quick trip to this small quaint town today.

This village is dominated by it's windmill perched on the hill at one end of the town.

As we walked from the car park which I hasten to add was FREE we came across this beautiful mosaic bench.

It was very nicely done with scenes of the village and of course the windmill.

The church which we wanted to visit was unfortunately covered in scaffolding but the pub next door looked inviting. We walked the high street but most of the shops where shut but no worries, the sun was out.

Lastly we returned to the car park after a warn afternoon in the sunshine capturing the windmill with lovely blue sky behind it. It made Sue and I feel so good.

Thanks for looking.

Luv Mike.


  1. Cranbrook host a Music Festival in September each year we played at the White Horse 2013 & the main High Street Stage in 2012

  2. Looks a fabulous place to visit Mike......Love the tiled bench, it must have taken hours to do !
    Well the windmills of time will soon bring us into the Spring and I look forward to more of your lovely posts Mike....Thanks
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Great photos, what a difference the blue sky makes,looks like s summer's day,The mosaic bench has cleverly included the windmill. it must have taken some patiences to complete. but very effective.Pity about the pub and the scaffolding. glad you had a great day . Mrs Egg.

  4. There is a branch of LLoyds Pharmacy in Cranbrook that I used to visit many times because of my job, so I know the village very well.. Lovely place and I saved a fortune on the FREE carpark!
    Thanks for sharing this Mike .
    Eileen xxx

  5. hey there, the mosaic was a joint build from angley school kids also known as the High weald now, It was design by me :) with help from many other great people to put it there.

  6. Well done with the design, you do the town proud.