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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New Year Parade and Show

Hi folks,

In finalize the day a few more of the parade.

Martial Arts Group.

Followed by a few from the show, sorry the lighting was aggravated by a smoke machine running the entire show. I hope this does not stop your enjoyment.

Long Dragon shown in the last blog which was  carried along the high street now on the stage. The cast gave a demonstration on various dance routines with him.

Applause from the audience after a spectacular performance.

One for Chris, the golden dragon in the high street is now going to climb a pole!

Here he is at the top, the three men at the base are securing the pole.

Lastly unfolding a Chinese greeting.

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed the Chinese celebrations in Chatham, Kent.

Luv Mike


  1. Hi Michael, Amazing costumes, loved the dragon dance, Those mature ladies in their black hats looked like witches. Mrs Egg..

    1. Yes I thought so too, had one of the mature ladies on there own but decided not to put it on the blog..

  2. Oh Mike, a dazzling array of wonderment ! Stunning shots, make me feel that I am there !
    Oh and thanks for my 'dragon'....isn't he cute !!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. I can hear the music playing Mike

  4. What an amazing post! .. got to be the most colour array of pictures ever!... super duper Mike I love 'em all .
    Thanks for taking and sharing them ... Eileen xxx