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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

St Catherine's Church, Kingsdown, Part Two.

Hi folks,

continuing on with this astounding church, below is the ceiling of the chancel which is painted to look like elaborate marquetry work.

There are six nave windows each showing two of the Apostles, the majority of the glass in these windows is called grisaille glass which has a grey patterned background and prevents the congregation from looking outside when they should have been praying.  It really does work as apart from telling if the sky was blue, black or white nothing else could be seen.

Carved stonework was in abundance, it is thought to be by Richard Boulton who was the architects' favoured sculpture.  This is over the Vestry door.

The carvings on the ends of the stalls are of Wyverns which are legendary winged creatures with dragons' heads.  The Wyvern and Lion form the crest of the Leigh Pemberton family which you will read about below.

Some will know the name Robin Leigh Pemberton he was a former Governor of the Bank of England and Lord-Lieutenant of Kent who died in November 2013, given a life peerage in 1993 he called himself Baron Kingsdown.  The Leigh Pembertons live and lived in Kingsdown being where the church is.

Here the stonework carving on the front of the pulpit shows Christ preaching.

One of six carvings on the supports of the nave roof, each shows an angel playing a different musical instrument.

The beautifully carved font supported on coloured marble pillars.

Set into the wall in the Vestry are some medieval glazed tiles from the old church which were discovered during repair works in 1990.

Thanks for looking.  We had a very pleasant time discovering this Church and its beauty and hope that the Churches Conservation Trust will be able to go on assuring our heritage lives on.

Regards, Mike


  1. Hi Mr part time Mechanic. beautiful glad that there are still some people who care for old buildings and keep them in good condition. the sculptures and floor tiles are lovely.
    Mrs Egg.

  2. A wonderful guided tour from 'yours truly ' (Mike)...... A remarkable church with so much interest ! The carvings, the family history....You give such a good informative background of information.......Thank you both for doing all the truly is a fascinating church, I really enjoyed this post !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. I also enjoyed this post Mike.. I sat with my coffee and studied all the pictures ... most enjoyable post and very informative... that's what I like most about your blog.. calm, relaxed and with stunning pictures.
    Carry on that man
    E xx