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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Happy New Year, Chinese Style

Hi folks,

today we popped into Chatham in Kent to photograph the setting up and parade in the town centre. It was very cold but worth it to get some unusual shots even before the parade started.

The Chinese always have a smile on their faces.

Getting the headgear right.

That's better.

Right where's the fortune cookies?

Must get the headgear secure as it was a bit windy.

Two young girls from Dance Alley sharing a joke before the start.

Lastly one of the oldest members of the procession and she walked the High Street.

More to follow, thanks for looking.

Luv Mike


  1. Such colourful characters Mike ! You really capture the atmosphere of the moment........
    I'm sure the parade shots will be something special, I'll look forward to that !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Woohoo Mike.. this sure is a 'happy Post' ... really poured some colour on a grey rainy day! Thank you xxx
    I'll wait right here until you blog the the next lot of fabulous pictures.
    Eileen xxx