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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Herne Bay in the Sun #2

Hi folks,

Looking through the Promenade Viewer from the last blog towards Neptune's arm.

Sunshine and shadows.

Tulips in the Promenade garden.

Modern Art Sculpture, "Boy with a Boat" by Paula Haughney sitting on the wall looking out to sea.

Selection of rubbish bins, good on you Swale Council.

Sandcastles on the beach with the clock tower behind.

Finally a rusty cannon under the clock tower.

Thanks for joining in the tour of Herne Bay, catch up with you all soon.

Luv Mike


  1. More sunshine ... you are spoiling us!! .. The flowers are gorgeous Mike!
    Eileen xx

  2. Hi Mr Semi retired Mechanic, loved the sandcastles, how many did Sue make, great rubbish bins, let hope more people use them, the tulips make it feel like spring, even if it was for one day when the sun shone in Herne Bay. Mrs Egg half cracked.

  3. Well Mike, I love that rusty old canon ! ( not a reference to a certain person ! )Those bins are brilliant for encouraging children ! Have a good week end both,
    Chris and Dave R