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Monday, 28 April 2014

Medway Queen.

Hi folks,

Went to the Medway Queens blessing and spent an hour or so walking around before the service. This is the first time I have seen her off the mud with the tide in,

One of the paddle wheel guards waiting in the workshop yard to be fitted and a really nice job they made of it too.

Her majestic funnel in the blue sky.

Still some work to be done but getting there.

Bow view from LV 21 the last lightship built in the UK.

View from the other side of the jetty with the workshops in the background.

Painting on the wall by the workshop site.  It was its 90th birthday on St. Georges day.

Thanks for looking, you can follow the link for the background and history of this wonderful ship used for the evacuation of troops at Dunkirk.

Click the link...

Luv. Mike


  1. Hi Mr Mechanic, Oh! does she look magnificent, now she is in the water. will be going to visit her soon. It's great to know that she has provided useful work to young people in Medway. Mrs Egg.

  2. She is a stunner and the photos are wonderful Mike....It would have been my mums 90th birthday today so she would have been the same age...Vintage royalty the 'Medway Queen' and you have done her justice !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Beautiful ship.. so pleased to see her in all her glory.. Fantastic workmanship and thanks for the terrific pictures of her Mike.
    Eileen xx