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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Herne Bay in the Sun.

Hi folks,

Getting busy at work but managed to sneak a day off with Sue on Tuesday and went to the seaside.

Most are self explanatory and a few unusual ones as well, this one of Tutu's outside a shop caught my eye in the town.

Whilst in the town this church was undergoing some strange alterations.

Heading towards the sea, the flowers did the council proud.

Stopped off at the band stand for an ice cream.

Close up of the scenery at the rear.

Looking out to sea and Neptune's Arm a man made breakwater.

Lovely day, a few more later.

Luv, Mike


  1. Great shots Mike and you had a bluer sky than me, no pollution or not as much.

    I like the one of the church best

  2. Well Mike, thats certainly put me in a holiday mood ! I've never been to
    Herne Bay but looks inviting ! Love the colourful tutu's.
    Chris and Dave Richards

  3. I love Herne Bay.. super sunshine here ... a very happy post Mike.. interesting about the church!
    Eileen xx

  4. Hi Mr Mechanic, Just catching up on your blog. You and Sue look like you had a great time in Herne Bay. Pity about the church, but I suppose people have got to live somewhere. just shows how many people go to church these days. Mrs Egg.