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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Crypt

Hi folks, now to go down below....

This area is made of Portland Stone to house the interned. A great job was made of restoration if you look at the link in the last blog.

This area was set aside for the Earl

These pillars were just painted to look like marble.

Outside on the wall is this image of two torches upside down symbolizing the end of life

Last look at the building from a different angle

Oh, I nearly forgot, the dead trees. The land around the Darnley Estate and the Mausoleum is very old and the dead trees that are now standing are going to be allowed to decay and give the goodness back to the soil and help to maintain the beetles, insects and fungi in the area. The National Trust are also going to introduce cattle onto the land at a later date.

Last shot of the South Lodge the Rangers cottage at the beginning of the trail with a barn next door that shows an interesting video whilst you have a cup of tea.

Hope you enjoyed the images and the ling to the history of the Darnley Estate.

Luv, Mike


  1. Who ever painted the columns did a good job, they look like marble. Interesting how the trees are left to die so that nature takes over.. Love the Rangers lodge, Mrs Egg.

  2. I'd LOVE to live in that Rangers cottage how pretty is that... not so keen on the mausoleum! Those upside down torches say it all ! lol
    Live while you can !
    E xxx