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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Snapshot of Prague Part 13

Hi folks,

We  are now at the top of the hill and about to enter St Vitus Cathedral with it's two west towers.and the magnificent rose window in the centre. Work started on the Cathedral in 1344 and carried on over the years and was finally completed in the 19 and 20th centuries. It stands in the fortified castle grounds. More views of this magnificent structure later in the blogs.

The splendid Chancel roof and high windows and is over 33 metres high and 124 meters long.

Most of the windows are of modern designs with very bright colourful stained glass. 

The very large Rose Window depicts scenes from the biblical story of creation.

The lofty central Nave with the unusual interlacing in the vault.

A most interesting and fascinating huge building towering above us making us feel very insignificant.

A great place to photograph and we could have spent many hours in there by ourselves.

More to come...we ain't finished yet.

Regards, Mike


  1. Hi Michael, The cathedral looks stunning, and fabulous windows,You should publish a book on interesting places to visit.. Mrs Egg

  2. Yes... I agree with Margaret .. your pictures would be fab in a guide book! Mike's Picture Journal!
    Start 'scrap booking' Sue!
    Fantastic place ... I always marvel how these buildings survived the war.
    E xx