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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Snapshot of Prague Part 14

Hi folks,
back to the holiday, if you remember we had climbed the hill to Prague Castle and been inside the Cathedral. Next to explore the buildings inside the secure walls.

Here are two members of the Official Corp guarding "The Giants' Gate", looking at their feet you will see that they are standing on an area of decking and inside the Century Boxes is a further area of decking clearly designed to keep some cold from their feet.

The Archbishop's Palace.

Coat of Arms of the Prince-Archbishop high above the entrance to the Archbishop's Palace..

Gleaming mosaic of the Last Judgement above the cathedrals' Golden Door on the south side.

Also on the south side of the Cathedral was a Nativity Scene built from a straw like material.

Vladislav Hall in the Royal Palace complex built during the reign of Vladislav II, it is the largest secular space within Medieval Prague.  Used for banquets, receptions, coronations and indoor jousting competitions with a staircase made with wide gently sloping steps to accommodate horses. 

The Crown Jewels of Bohemia, these may be copies as the guide book says they are rarely displayed and kept very secure by locks with seven keys, the holders of each having to be present at the time of opening.  Real or fake they are the Royal Scepter, St Wenceslas Crown and the Royal Apple.

Entrance to the Royal Palace.

From there we cut our visit short to start our decent.

Regards, Mike


  1. Hi Michael, Fabulous blog, The lovely mosaic doorway, very historical place, must visit. Mrs Egg.

  2. Love these posts about Prague, Mike... your best journey yet I reckon... beautiful pictures of a stunning place ... love the Crown Jewels... fascinated by everything 'bling' !
    E xx

    1. Thanks both for you lovely comments, we will definitely go back in the Summer.

  3. What an unusual place. Great photos. Adrianne xx