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Monday, 12 January 2015

Snapshot of Prague Part 15

Hi again folks,
Getting near the end of our four day trip and after visiting Prague Castle we started back down the hill towards Charles Bridge.

Images taken in the way down.

Fanfare on Charles Bridge as we arrived at the bottom.

Time for a break.

These were wonderful to eat on the hoof.

Thanks for looking, a few night shots next time. Mike


  1. Hi Michael, Great blog, the shop frontages are very decorative, makes one want to go in and look around maybe even buy something. These photos are so like the old side of Budapest.Especial the castle on the hill. Mrs Egg.

  2. What was the 'red bloke' all about Mike? any idea? ... Great pictures .. you have captured the real flavor of the country !
    E xx

    1. Not really I think he was to attract the shoppers, a bit like an A frame outside a shop over here. I tried to get as much information on the city as I could. next visits in the spring I hope to incorporate a bit of video as well, but its a slow learning curve as dear Ken knows but I will get there..