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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Sue's Indoor Shots, Leeds Castle

Hi folks,

If you have been paying attention you will already have seen the outdoor shots Sue took with her Christmas present so now a look inside.  Each year the rooms are decorated with Christmas trees, ornamental arrangements and something for the children to discover, this year were little gingerbread men subtly standing around and not always easy to notice.

On the landing

This year there was a Gingerbread Castle based on the New Castle built 1821/23  and made from 60 kilos of gingerbread dough with interiors made from coloured fondant icing, it took over 350 hours to complete.

Gingerbread house with the chapel which it represents very well.

The real Coats of Arms over an open fire

and here the one made of fondant, notice also the picture on the wall behind the armchair.

The "real" exterior with a nice bit of December sunshine.

Children were given a Gingerbread Man Sheet and had to look for all the gingerbread men distributed around the rooms.

Well I think she did very well for the first time using the camera indoors.

Happy New Year to you all, Mike and Sue. (M&S)


  1. Hi Michael, Just checking out some missed blogs from Christmas, Great photos of Leeds castle, I loved the fondant icing even the little chair, the Christmas trees were beautifully decorated, I was surprised to see that the model of the castle was made of gingerbread, some clever people about. Well done Sue, you have a great teacher. Mrs Egg..

  2. Cor blimey That gingerbread castle!!! .. really enjoyed this post Mike and Sue.
    Interesting and pretty stuff to see and super clear shots of it all to boot ! Job done well !
    E xxx

  3. As always, I'm like a child looking thru a cloud into a fairytale land. NEVER would I have had the opportunities to visit these magnificent places if not for the two of you!!! Blessings and thanks to you both for your fantastic skills and heart to share.
    Can't wait to see you at year end!!!!!
    Vickie XoXo