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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Mote Park in the Mist

Hi folks,
last weekend was our first meeting of the ME Medway Facebook Group.
We meet in the car park at 10 am on a cold and foggy day to play with our cameras. The dog is called Raine

I think we all thought that the day would be a disaster but we all did our own thing and got some good results. Canada Geese on the prowl.

This is Darrel doing his exercises (not really, he was getting up after taking a picture).

With a lake full of wild fowl and lots of mist/fog. I really think it was heavy mist. "please don't eat me Mr Swan" said the puppy.

All lined up and ready to go.

One of Sue's "scenes", not many picnickers.

Followed by one of mine.

This tree looked a bit worst for wear.

We all had discussion about taking people and children and I said as long as you ask permission it would be ok.This is the lovely Hannah with her mum close by and her mun loved the shot.

Back to the lake and this tree in the mist caught my eye

By mid day and the mist still about a model boat appeared on the lake with the birds giving it a wide berth, it was the HMS Barnham used in both world wars.

Lastly just before we packed up I got this Mallard preening showing his blue wing patch.

Followed by little and large, a Coot and Swan.

Thanks for looking, must get back to Prague, lots more to show.

Regards, Mike


  1. I see the kite flyers have wrecked their revenge on the tree ! LOL shame you couldn't persuade the coot to look in the same direction as all the geese just cant get the models these days!!!!

    1. Hi Stephen, nice to see you on here. Are you still doing blogs as they are not showing up on my dashboard? Sue now has a camera and took a couple on the blog! Hope to catch up with you soon on a flying field, loads going on here.

    2. Hi Mike I still have my Blog but haven't done any thing worth writing about since the trip to the lakes in October weathers been a bit naff for my cycle trips round the churches I'll start again in the spring

  2. Hi Michael, never thought winter could look so exciting, the trees look like something from a horror movie, just need a witch on her broom flying by. Have people been feeding the birds, they look healthy. love the little and large photo. Sue looks great in her festive hat. Mrs Egg.

  3. Everyone looks happy even through the weather was pants! .
    Nice to see a good turn out ... Great shots and so pleased that Sue is enjoying her camera.
    looking forward to seeing more of the Groups adventures!
    Fave shot..... All lined up!
    E xxxx

  4. Great pictures. My favourites are the trees. Love the group photo. Adie xx