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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Quick Tour around the Chatham Dockyard.

Hello again,
just a few more random images from this famous dockyard.

On arrival you are treated to this magnificent model of a man of war.
I have been told that these miniature guns do actually fire.
Close up of the picture on the wall in the first photograph.
 In No 1 slip old machinery is stored and the dust, rust and cobwebs adorn.
 It was closed for an exhibition but pity was taken on us and Robert and I were allowed to take a couple of pictures ir this magnificent skylighted roof.
 Back on the ground floor, more old machinery caught my eye.
 Moving on HMS Gannet with her rigging now replaced.
 Her reflection in the water was marred by a slight ripple.
 On to the Ropery with its massive long building its internal length is 1135 feet, for the young people 346 meters
 If you need a job in the UK Mr Fiske I am sure you would be welcomed with open arms.
Information on how the rope was produced.

Lastly the most unphotographed machine in the dockyard this 1913 plate rolling machine.
Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Great photos, really must go again soon, Mrs Egg.

  2. it looks different to when I was last there Mike

  3. Great photos Michael and I look forward to doing it again hopefuly the ankle might be better

    1. Great day out Bob, want to do that wall again.

  4. Another interesting and informative post ... thank you Mike. I have enjoyed my Coffee this morning together with my journey out and about with you and your Camera! Eileen xxx