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Saturday, 19 November 2016

UP NORTH with Sue and Winnie #14, and a bit of Kite Flying.

Hi folks,
back of the trail again and out to the marshes at Burgh by Sands (pronounced brouf) to do a bit of kite flying with our old friend Graham, Sue very wisely stayed in their house down the road with her iPad and Trisha, Grahams wife was at work. We were blessed with lovely weather and overlooked the Soleway Firth.

You can see Scotland across the water.

Looking back towards the house you can see how it floods although being on the marshes they got away lightly the last year.

There you are, still got it after all this time.

I made him laugh as I stepped back over a clump of grass and fell very slowly to the ground whilst keeping hold of the kite.

Graham then had a go.

One of the Kent Kite Flyers signature kites that we fly all over the place, called a Flowform.

As it started to get late we packed up and headed back to the house. See the mountains of Scotland in the distance, that was our next port of call.

 Lastly in the evening we all had a great meal in the local pub.

Next blog we will be in Scotland, thanks for tagging along, Mike