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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Up North with Sue and Winnie #15 on to Sandyhills

Hi folks,

The last blog showed Burgh by Sands, well here we are on the other side of the Solway Firth looking towards it from Bonny Scotland. Look closely and you can see the Lake District in the distance.

First one of our Winnie in Scotland as we stopped in a layby for the first picture, she certainly did us proud without a memour on the way up country.

Later in the day we arrived at our campsite Sandyhills, it was a lovely site and the fire point tickled us with all its foliage which was on the turn even in early October.

Setting up with the luxury of power again although to be honest we didn't need it. Just a note to campers although we looked close together we still had the required space. 

After a drink we set off to explore the shoreline before dinner and another look before night fell.

What's around the coast line although we had to watch the tides so after looking at an app on the phone we decided to leave it until the morning and went back to Winnie for a relaxing evening.

The next blog we go around the coast line to explore. Thanks for looking Mike


  1. Glad you didn't get cut off. Brilliant clear photos as usual.xx

    1. Ah, just talking about you and wondered where you were. Glad you are up on there now, I need support to keep me going om the blog.
      Trust all is ok computer wise and bathroom as well. Keep on blogging I need you on here. xxx

  2. Photos look good. I never put mine up from Scotland just a hand full. I had 100 printed off professionally. Yours look very good.

    1. Spend a lot of time on them, all taken in raw processed then resized and put on the blog. The originals if ok go to Zemfoilo in the cloud then onto G+. The blog ones are quite small only 1500 x 1000 once on the blog I delete them.
      Thanks for taking the interest Ken.